Webinar #1 Food Hygiene, Safety and Handling

Webinar #1: Food Hygiene, safety and Handling. Training and coaching strategies

What is the webinar about?

The webinar in general will address parctical issues and obstacles faced by coaches working in the food (surplus) sector and with people far from the labour market. 
  • Focus on regulations in food hygiene, food safety and food surplus handling in processing and in distribution
  •  Focus on sharing best coaching and mentoring practices when working with people far from the labour market. This part will be supported by experienced coaches.

Who should attend the webinar? 

  • People working in food processing and distribution centres interested in learning and updating their knowledge of food safety, food hygiene and food (surplus) handling
  • Novice and experienced coaches and mentors in the food (surplus) sector
  • Mentors and coaches working with people far from the labour market
  • those interested in social employment, coaching and food (surplus) sector processing and distribution

What will participants gain?  

  • Increase in competence at the organisational and individual level in relation to food handling and work with people far from the labour market
  • Greater awareness to support implementation of good practices, techniques and methods, including rules and regulations related to the food surplus sector
  • Understanding and insight on how to effectively implement innovative coaching strategies and approaches to support people far from the labour market
  • Equip organisations and mentors with practical strategies, methods and solutions to support people far from the labour market; leading to supported employment of those people
  • Improved level of mentoring skills for coaches working with and supporting people far from the labour market
  • Insight into different working structures and perspectives; including strategies for implementation of innovative practices at organisational, local, regional, national or European levels
  • Increased opportunities and motivation for organisation to employ and mentors to work with people far from the labour market
  • The opportunity to create new connections, The opportunity to ask questions to our coaching experts

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Practical info

Tuesday 23th of Februari
From 14:00 to 15:30 GMT

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Free of charge


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