International Day against Food Waste

Today, we celebrate the international day of awareness of food loss and waste. The perfect excuse to highlight our actions against food waste. Because there’s more to be done with surplus foods!

Discover our recipes

Rustle up a meal with our leftover recipes or get inspired by our cooks: today they will be preparing healthy and inexpensive meals in social restaurants with surplus foods.

Did you know that there’s a dozen ways to transform a stale loaf of bread into a delicacy? Discover 5 tasteful and easy recipes to convert your leftovers into a culinary masterpiece! Do our fish pie, panzanella or German style dumplings make you salivate already? They certainly look mouth-watering to us!


Our actions

Via the European ‘Flavour’ project, we commit ourselves to fight food waste on a daily basis and to help disadvantaged people in finding a job.

Together with several English and French organisations, the Flemisch Foodsavers platforms collected 1250 tonnes of surplus foods in 2020 which we redistributed to people in poverty. In order to collect and redistribute the thousands of tonnes of surplus foods, labour is required. This allows us to create jobs for disadvantaged people who have trouble finding their way into the labour market.

Additionally, we’ve transformed a little less than 100 tonnes of food surplus into pumpkin soup, fish soup or dried vegetables for example. In this way, we’re giving a second life to products that would be wasted otherwise.

Did you know…?

Every year, 240,000 tonnes of food is being thrown away by Flemish households. This is harmful for the environment because the energy, space and resources which are needed to get the food on our plate are being wasted. Additionally, rotting food in a landfill creates a lot of methane, a greenhouse gas which is even more damaging for the environment than CO2.

In order to solve these problems, we need a strong policy framework. We need to make sure that the food surplus is being used for human consumption as much as possible.