Webinar 3 – Curious about Food, Health and Wellbeing for employees and volunteers?

Is healthy food a theme in your workplace? Or do you want to work on that? Are you wanting to know more about the barriers your employees, volunteers and your clients face to eating well and how to help them overcome these? If so, then join our interactive and free webinar on 11th June between 1 – 3pm UK time.   This webinar is […]

The need for mandatory food waste measurement

Climate emergency and food waste regulation A recent report by the UN highlighted that the food system accounts for over one third of all global greenhouse gas emissions. To put it plainly, even if every other sector of the economy decarbonised, without addressing the climate damage caused by the food system, we cannot meet climate […]

Preserving and persevering: a spotlight on Sussex Surplus

Sussex Surplus is a Flavour pilot and social enterprise from the charity Feedback. They are taking fresh and surplus food in danger of being wasted and transforming it into tasty and healthy long-life products. After setbacks getting started they are now producing and selling their first product; pumpkin soup! Based in Brighton in the south […]

30% less foodwaste by 2025

Action plan against Foodwaste On April 23, 2021, the Flemish Government approved the Food Loss and Biomass Action Plan 2021-2025. Together with all the actors involved, the Flemish government wants to work on a circular solution for food waste (and biomass). The entire food chain strives to prevent 30% of food waste, reprocess them as […]

Webinar 2 – Operation of a food distribution center

Report Flavour aims to support a diverse group of mentors and coaches working in the food surplus sector in UK and Belgium. The first webinar was dedicated to food safety and handling. This 2nd webinar focused on the management and operation of a food distribution center in general. How can we create an effective work […]

Report webinar 1: Food Hygiene, safety and handling

Report The FLAVOUR project team at Marjon University, together with the project’s partners in Brighton (FareShare Sussex and Brighton and Hove Food Partnership) organised a free training webinar to organisations and individuals working in food (surplus) processing and distribution. The participants had the opportunity to learn about the essentials of food safety and hygiene, the […]

Using public procurement to fight food waste

Ruddersstove – the meal provider run by the Public Centre for Social Welfare in Bruges – is attempting to reduce food waste. When it awards its food contracts to suppliers, it asks them to donate surplus food to social organisations, which then distribute and process the food. The decision to include this element in the […]

Processing Surplus in a Community Kitchen

Flavour partners use Belta community kitchen Over in Brighton, three Flavour project partners have set up processing pilots in a shared kitchen space. In October 2020, Feedback, FareShare Sussex and the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership moved into the kitchen of the Bristol Estate Community Room in the east of the city and have been […]

Panier de la Mer – an inspiration for France

Video //  Our partner, Panier de la Mer, was visited by France 2 because of their work with food surplus (in this case fish) in Boulogne-sur-Mer. .  It is the biggest fishing port in France moving 30 000 tonnes of fish each year, several tonnes remain unsold. Panier de la Mer provides a solution. Watch, […]

Webinar #1 Food Hygiene, Safety and Handling

Webinar #1: Food Hygiene, safety and Handling. Training and coaching strategies What is the webinar about? The webinar in general will address parctical issues and obstacles faced by coaches working in the food (surplus) sector and with people far from the labour market.  Focus on regulations in food hygiene, food safety and food surplus handling […]